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Ottawa Hospitals

Our firm is pre qualified to work at all three of the Ottawa Hospitals. Our team members have participated in the hospital’s mandatory infection control training program, ensuring they follow the best practices and guidelines for working in a clean room environment. While working in this occupied space, sometimes after hours, Burchill Mechanical is committed to working in cooperation with the Hospitals, ensuring continuous operation. Our team is diligent about maintaining the demands of working in a disease control environment and following biohazard protocol.

Some of our most recent projects:


TOH Civic Campus Projects

  • Nursing Station
  • D4 Exam Room
  • Clinical Studies
  • Parkdale Medical Clinic
TOH General Campus Projects

  • Clean Room
  • Bed Planning
  • Linear Bunker
  • Café 501
  • L2 Pandemic
TOH Riverside Campus Projects

  • Entrance, Vestibule, Dermatology
  • Lithotripsy