Burchill Mechanical Contractors Ltd. has a written Safety Manual, Safety Committee and Safety Director as designated by the province of Ontario . The goal of the company’s safety program is zero workplace injuries. The message taught at each level from management to labour is that safety is a responsibility assumed by everyone on the job!

The framework of the Safety Manual includes employee training, safety inspections, incident investigations, first aid training and weekly job site tool box talks.

New hire training stresses safety education as part of an employees’ indoctrination program. Field employees are required to attend annual meetings to observe all company safety rules and policies. All of our foremen are responsible for ensuring that job sites are kept clean and run according to all company safety policies.

To ensure all safety regulations are met and exceeded, our Safety Director conducts periodic job site inspections. Our Safety Director meets with our Management Personnel on a monthly basis to review each incident and regularly evaluates policies and workplace practices. Burchill Mechanical Contractors Ltd. is primarily interested in the safety of each worker on every project.